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3 Ways New Amazon Sellers Can Stand Out From the Crowd on Prime Day

3 Ways New Amazon Sellers Can Stand Out From the Crowd on Prime Day

Jul 10, 2023


Amazon sellers are aware that Prime Day is a great way to bring in a lot of new customers, but it also means more competition to find their deals. It is hard for big brands to get their Prime Day deals listed on Amazon’s Prime Day landing page, and even harder for new Amazon sellers.


Amazon’s new sellers cannot rely on their Prime Day Deals being seen by customers if they are not on Amazon.


Every year, Amazon sellers who are new to the platform succeed at Prime Day. They’ve realized that driving sales on Prime Day is not about Amazon, but rather off-site. These are the top three things that I would recommend to a new Amazon Seller as an Amazon Consultant to help them stand out on Prime Day.


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1. Amazon Influencers


Prime Day is a consumer staple that has been around since July 2015. This means that consumers have done their research and are prepared to make purchases on Prime Day. What do they use to research? Google and YouTube are the two most popular search engines.


Consumers search Google, YouTube, Apple News, and Flipboard for articles about Prime Day. Customers are searching for information on whether the products they’re interested in will be discounted on Prime Day. Let them know.


As a new Amazon Seller, your goal is to make yourself stand out by letting customers know that you will have items on sale during Prime Day.


How it works


Search on Google or YouTube for the “Best Prime Day Deals” on your product. For example: “Best Prime Day deals on patio furniture”.


Write down the top websites and YouTube channels from last year. You now know who covers Prime Day in your area.


Follow them on Facebook, interact with them, and then let them know about the Prime Day deals.


This has an additional benefit, as we know Amazon appreciates external traffic. It also helps your SEO on Amazon. Partnering with Amazon Influencers can also help you increase your sales all year long.


2. Social Media Advertising



Amazon Attribution Links are a great way to drive traffic from your social media ads and product detail pages to your Amazon Store. You should be using Amazon Attribution links if you aren’t.


You’ll want to make sure that you have your audience targeting down pat before Prime Day. You’ll need to get as much exposure as possible outside of Amazon, since you won’t be able to use Amazon’s visibility for your promotion.


How it works


Prepare images and videos that showcase your product, the savings on offer and the benefits to your customers. Do not forget to create a sense urgency by letting your customers know that this deal is only available on Prime Day.


You can now run the ads you created to raise brand awareness. It’s time to look beyond buyer intent and reach out to potential customers that wouldn’t otherwise try a brand.


You can earn up to 10% in cash for each sale you refer to Amazon through the Brand Referral Bonus Program.


Do not ignore the potential of Amazon’s other products when you are trying to increase product sales.


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3. Advertorials + native advertising


The third method combines Amazon Influencers and advertising to create a powerful tactic that will help new Amazon sellers stand out on Prime Day.


Advertorials, also known as review articles, are click-worthy headlines with a high rate of engagement on Google News, Apple News and Google News. Flipboard, Apple News and other platforms like these, often feature them. What sounds better than the other? What sounds better?


The advertorial is more appealing because it sets the stage for the customer. It evokes the fear of losing out, and highlights the benefits of the product beyond the click. The customer has already made up their mind to purchase the product before even reading the article.


Native advertising is a form of content marketing that takes advertorials and amplifies it on platforms and publications with large audiences. What’s the best part? The best part?


How it works


Join forces with micro and nano-influencers to write articles such as “This Prime Day Deal will change the way you garden forever.” You can work with micro-influencers, but still get the reach of mega-influencers by amplifying content via native advertising.


Native advertising can be used to reach audiences who are interested in your topic.


After Prime Day, turn off native ads.


Use your Amazon Attribution Links in the Advertorial.


These are the three most popular methods. However, there are some worthy mentions.


Honorable mentions


Email marketing: This is an honorable mention because many new Amazon sellers have not yet built up their email list. However, it does not mean that it is less important. You should start building your email list as soon as possible to promote Amazon products.


Amazon Storefront: Design the section above the fold of your Amazon Storefront home page to highlight your Prime Day Deals.


Sponsored Brands Ads: Don’t neglect to place Sponsored Brands advertisements on your Amazon Storefront so that customers can see your Prime Day Deals.


Sponsored Products ads are a great way to reach customers who are searching Amazon for Prime Day Deals. Sponsored products ads will help you appear in the product search results and earn that Prime Day Deal badge.


Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity for new Amazon sellers to cut through the clutter. They can do this by stepping outside of Amazon, and using tried-and-true best practices.

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