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CapCut: 2023 Full Review – Free All-in-One Editing App for TikTok

CapCut: 2023 Full Review – Free All-in-One Editing App for TikTok

Jul 10, 2023

Part 1. What is CapCut & How to Install It?


CapCut is a great video editor. However, i recommend iMyFone filme. It’s a more comprehensive video editor. It supports many file types, offers all the common editing tools and filters, as well as animation, text and fast video mode. Get a 3 month license for free by downloading iMyFone Filme.



CapCut, a mobile application for iOS and Android, was developed specifically to enhance the video editing functions of TikTok, the popular social media platform. It is free and marketed as a TikTok video editing app. CapCut Android & CapCut iOS have similar features, allowing you to edit your TikTok video with filters, stickers and speed changes. You can also add effects and background music. It also comes with tools for editing your TikTok video, such as split, reverse and other editing features.


How to install CapCut for iOS and Android


Android Users: Click on the link to Google Play Store listing and tap Install to install the app.


Android Users: Click on the link to Google Play Store listing and tap Install to install the app.


Part 2. CapCut Features

We reviewed both the Android and iOS versions of CapCut and found it to be easy to use, with a lot of features that are designed specifically for TikTok.
 Would we recommend CapCut to you? We would recommend it, but there are some caveats.


1. Split Function


You can split a file by opening a video, moving the playhead where you want it to be split and then tapping the Split button. The video is not lost because you can split it frame by frame to determine the exact position.


It is best to know which parts of your video clips you wish to use before using the split feature. Then, add them to the app using +. You can also import videos from your Gallery and Camera Roll. Select each video to edit and split them at the points you have already decided. It is best to have a plan in place before you start, otherwise it will take a lot of time.


2. Speed Control


Select a preset relative speed to the original video speed, like 0.1x or 3x. As you change the speed, the duration of the video will also change. This is very useful.


The resolution of the original video is important to consider when adjusting the speed. If you want to use slow-motion, the original video should be high resolution and shot with a high framerate. If you slow down a video to 0.1x from 30fps, the result may look grainy. You can avoid these issues by shooting at 60fps.


3. Reverse Video


It’s not that the feature is difficult to use or find, but rather because it only works with short videos. This is because the processing is resource-intensive and complex at the backend, which could cause your app to freeze up or crash. Reversing videos is best done with a shorter clip or if your phone has enough RAM (8GB or more) to handle large files.


For short clips that have a lot going on, reverse videos work well. You can reverse multiple clips and then combine them. To do this, place them on separate tracks and drag them into their respective positions. It can be used to reverse videos for TikTok.


4. Music Library


CapCut includes a large collection of royalty-free sound effects and music that will make a big difference in your TikTok video. These tracks are of high quality, and can be easily inserted by adding an audio and adjusting its position.


Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect music:


Find a song that has a beat to match the movement in the video


The music genre should match the mood of the video


Maximize the impact of your video by strategically placing audio effects.


5. Filters


Choose from various filters to soften or sharpen your videos and make them more professional-looking. There are filters based on color and season, as well as beautification tools that enhance video quality.


You can use filters to make your clips uniform if they have different brightness and contrast levels or color variations. You can use filters to make your clips uniform, since you cannot edit them in CapCut.


6. Effects


You can also choose from a variety of special effects, including split-screens, comics, dreamy, parties, etc. These effects overlay your video and make it appear as if it were professionally edited. You’ll also find that within each category, there are sub-categories, so you can choose the effects that work best for your video.


Blending is another great effect that you can use. It allows you to layer a video over another, so the subjects blend together in the final output. This is a great example where the Blending Effect has been used:


7. Stickers with Text


CapCut offers a wide variety of stickers that are great for expressing yourself. You can find everything you need to add animations to your videos. TikTok videos can be enhanced with fun stickers. You can also use text to make videos more powerful. The animation of text can draw attention to certain elements in the video, which the viewer may otherwise overlook. You can use it to create humorous effects that make the video more entertaining.


Use stickers sparingly. Don’t overwhelm your audience with stickers. Use them only if you get the desired result. You can get by without the stickers if they don’t work.

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