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iPhone 15 Pro Max rumored release date, specs, price, cameras and more

iPhone 15 Pro Max rumored release date, specs, price, cameras and more

Jul 10, 2023


Apple’s new flagship phone is likely to be the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The so-called iPhone Ultra could be delayed until 2024. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the largest and most feature-rich iPhone in the lineup. It could be a big hit on our list of best smartphones and set the bar for future smartphones.


What can we expect from the upgrades? We may see a new A17 Bionic 3nm chip, a periscope with a double zooming lens, a titanium design that is stronger, and other improvements. The latest rumors and leaks for the iPhone 15 Pro Max are listed below.


iPhone 15 Pro Max Latest News (Updated on July 7)



It sounds like the iPhone 15 Pro Max and next year’s version will not have solid-state buttons.


The iPhone 15 Pro Max may have a larger battery. It could reach 4,852mAh.


According to the latest iPhone 15 color rumors, dark red is a possible option for Pro models such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max.


A leak of an iPhone 15 Pro case suggests repositioned volume and power buttons, as well as the addition of a new action/mute button.


iPhone 15 Pro Max release date?



Apple is expected to launch its iPhone 15 line in September, which is the most likely month for release. Apple is attempting to meet future demand by starting production earlier than expected or producing more components. Apple has reportedly hired more manufacturing partners for the assembly of phones and is also producing a greater percentage of Pro Max displays compared to last years to avoid any shortages.


The iPhone 15 Pro Max is likely to be the top model when the iPhone 15 range launches. It will compete with rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and possibly the Google Pixel 8 which could launch in October.


iPhone 15 Pro Max price



The iPhone 15 Pro Max was priced to match the iPhone 14 Pro line. This means that the base 128GB version will start at $1,099 / AU$1,899 / AU$1,999, and go up to $1,599 / AU$2,769 / AU$2,769 / AU$1,749 for a 1TB model.


The rumor that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be $200 more expensive could change all of this.


There have been rumors of a price increase for the iPhone 15 Pro. The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to be $100 more expensive. The Max modes may be even hotter. If this is the case, the base iPhone 15 Pro Max would start at a whopping $1,300. The 1TB models could top out at $1800. This would make it Apple’s most expensive iPhone yet.


If this price increase does occur, Apple will need to explain why it is worth paying more for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.


iPhone 15 Pro Max display and design



Rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a new design. Apple’s iPhones are said to feature more rounded corners than they did in recent years. This claim is backed by leaked iPhone 15 dummy models that feature rounded edges, along with other rumored changes to the design.


Apple is also said to be reducing the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s bezels, possibly making it the smallest smartphone on the market. 9to5Mac has provided iPhone 15 Pro Max renderings from all angles. Site claims that the bezels may be as small as 1.55mm. Ice Universe’s new iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro renders confirm this size.


You shouldn’t expect Touch ID to return on any iPhone 15 models, including the Pro Max.


The Pro Max could have a smaller bump for the camera than the iPhone 15 Pro. Only the latter is equipped with a periscope camera. The renders show that the Pro Max and Pro have solid state buttons, instead of mechanical ones.


The iPhone 15 Pro Max no longer has the solid-state buttons that would have replaced the moving buttons. It’s possible that they won’t even be on the iPhone 16 next year.


Additional iPhone 15 color reports confirm that Deep Red is Apple’s signature colour for the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Pro this year. Other colors like Space Gray, Silver and Gold are expected to return from previous Pro models.


The iPhone 15 Pro Max chassis could be made from titanium. This would lead to a lighter and stronger iPhone Pro Max. We think this is a great upgrade from stainless steel, which can easily chip.


One rumor suggests that the iPhone 15 Pro could have an action button, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra. The button will be customisable, just like the Apple Watch Ultra.


Apple Watch Ultra’s action button can be used to start workouts, act as a stopwatch, activate Wayport or Backtrack, provide a shortcut for the Dive function, turn on the flashlight, and perform other custom shortcuts. The action button on the iPhone 15 Pro should perform similar functions, but with an emphasis on phone-centric features.


The iPhone 15 Pro Max and Pro renders show what the action button could look like.


Separate iPhone 15 Pro cases have leaked. The new pictures show the power and volume buttons are positioned slightly lower than they were on the iPhone 14 Pro, as well as an increased bottom cutout to accommodate a USB-C connector. These cases show a cutout that is rumored to be for a dedicated mute switch, which replaces the ringer.


iPhone 15 Pro Max USB-C



Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max is likely to have USB-C charging instead of the Lightning port. The European Union requires that all phones adopt USB-C by December 2024. Apple will likely be ahead of the game with its iPhone 15 lineup.


It seems that this is more likely than ever based on reports that Apple has put its USB-C accessories in mass production before the iPhone 15’s launch in the autumn.


It would be a great improvement to the charging process and connectivity. It could be a bit awkward to connect older iPhone accessories without dongles or converters.


The rumored Thunderbolt 3 speed could make it worth the price. Thunderbolt allows display output which can have all kinds of implications for iPhone users.


Apple is rumored to be requiring Made for iPhone USB C accessories. This could limit the compatibility of unapproved third-party accessory with next-generation iPhones. This rumor has gained more credibility now that Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, says it will happen.


This could be in conflict with the European Union ruling, which dictates that device makers must adopt a standard for charging, connectivity and, in this instance, USB-C. A member of the European Parliament has said that this policy would be in violation of EU rules, and asked Apple to clarify their USB-C plans. Meanwhile, a European Commission member has threatened to ban the sale of iPhone 15 if Apple implements such restrictions.


iPhone 15 Pro Max cameras



The iPhone 15 Pro Max will have the same three rear cameras that the iPhone 14 Pro Max had; a primary, ultra-wide, and telephoto camera. We’re fine with that, as the iPhone 14 Pro Max was one of our top choices for best camera phones.


Dueling rumors exist about certain improvements. Apple was tipped that it would use a “state-of the-art” Sony sensor for its iPhone 15. This sensor may be almost an inch wide, with a triple-stacked sensor that should produce brighter, more colorful images. This rumor was refuted by another tech tipper who said that we will have to wait until the iPhone 16 Pro before seeing a larger camera sensor. A leaker also claimed the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s main camera sensor is the same as the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s.


Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo has suggested that a periscope lens could be the upgrade most likely for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This would allow the camera to zoom without the need to use digital or cropping.


The iPhone 15 Pro Max could have a 6x zoom periscope, which is double the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s. The iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a digital zoom that is higher than 15x, although it’s not known how high. Unknownz21, a Twitter leaker, confirms the rumor. The iPhone 15 Pro Max will have periscope lenses exclusive to this handset. It’s possible that the iPhone 16 Pro will get it in 2019.


This lens array may even be able to zoom in and out. This would allow the iPhone 15 Pro Max to change magnification without relying on digital zoom or needing an additional dedicated camera to achieve the higher/lower level of zoom.


Apple is reported to have swapped the positions of the ultrawide camera and the telephoto camera on the iPhone 15 Pro as a result. This is even though Apple claims that the periscope lens is exclusive to the Pro Max.


Kuo also claims that the iPhone 15 Pro’s main lens will be 8P to reduce distortion when taking wide-angle photos. Apple has just switched to a 7P main lens on the iPhone 14 Pro. So we are a bit skeptical of this claim.


The iPhone 15 Pro could also feature an upgraded LiDAR to improve performance and power efficiency. This could be good for iPhone battery life and also improve portrait photos, thanks to improved depth sensors, as well augmented reality applications, which could benefit from better scanning sensors.


iPhone 15 Pro Max specifications and A17 Bionic



The iPhone 15 Pro Max, like many Pro iPhones that have come before, is likely to feature a new A-series processor, most likely the A17 Bionic.


You can expect more power from the CPU and GPU, but also a boost in machine learning and neuroprocessing to power intelligent features, such as computational photography and Siri. The new chip may be constructed on a 3-nanometer TSMC process, which theoretically gives it greater power and efficiency.


According to a strange rumor, TSMC may switch processes in 2024 (from an old 3nm process to a more modern 3nm process). The price and performance of the phone could be affected.


Rumors also suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will have 8GB of RAM. This extra performance won’t be noticeable, but it could be welcome. The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a decently fast processor.


Ming-Chi Kuo has confirmed that Wi-Fi 6E will be available on the iPhone 15.


iPhone 15 Pro Benchmark Scores Leaked


The A17 Bionic processor is faster than its predecessor and the best Android chipsets, according to allegedly leaked benchmarks.


The iPhone 15 Pro scored 2,317 in the single-core Geekbench 5 test and 6,750 for the multi-core. The iPhone 15 Pro beats out the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in the single-core test, and delivered a multi-core score of 6,750 on Geekbench 5.


We’ve also looked at all the things that the iPhone 15 Pro Max could do better. One of those is a higher base storage.


A possible upgrade to the iPhone 15 Pro Max ultrawide-band chipset is also possible. Apple’s AirTag headset and Vision Pro headset could both benefit from a more efficient version.


iPhone 15 Pro Max Battery life and Charging



It has been reported that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a larger battery than its predecessor. This could be 4,852mAh. This rumor is not from the most reliable sources, but it wouldn’t surprise us if Apple took steps to increase the battery life on its flagship smartphone.


In our battery test where we continuously browsed the internet until the battery died, the iPhone 14 Pro Max lasted for 13 hours and 39 min. This is good enough for our list of the best battery-life phones. We could therefore expect the iPhone 15 Pro Max to have a battery life similar to or even better.


The iPhone 14 Pro Max only charges at 20 watts. This is fine but not as fast as the Galaxy S23 Ultra or the OnePlus 11, which can charge up to 100W (80W is the limit in the U.S.). Apple should find a way to charge its next iPhones faster, thanks to USB-C. The rumor of 27W charging suggests this.


One rumor suggests that the iPhone 15 family may get upgraded Qi2 wireless chargers, which would allow them to charge at 15W speeds. This would be twice as fast as the iPhone 14 models, which charge at 7.5W. This boost would make wireless charging of the iPhone 15 Pro Max faster, and even closer to the speeds offered by some Android phones.


iPhone 15 Pro Max software



The iPhone 15 Pro Max is likely to debut with iOS 17 software, just like the other iPhone 15 models. The new iPhone software version should be unveiled at WWDC 2023 on June 5, which begins. We expect a public beta version of iOS 17 to arrive shortly thereafter. Here’s our estimate for when the iOS 17 beta is expected to be released.


iOS 17 is compatible with older iPhones as well, but the iPhone 15 will also benefit from it. Initial reports indicated that iOS 17 was a minor update. However, we’ve recently heard of significant changes.


There are rumors about iMessage improvements, as well as major changes to the look and feel of the Wallet and Health applications. Apple could release a journaling app for the iPhone with iOS 17. Apple might even allow third-party apps to be side-loaded onto the iPhone 15 Pro Max.


iPhone 15 Pro Max outlook



According to rumors and leaks the iPhone 15 Pro Max looks like a great smartphone. The iPhone 15 Pro Max might not be an enormous step up from its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, the many smaller changes that have been rumored could make it one the best smartphones to buy.


It’s almost certain to be the best iPhone in 2023. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the phone we’re looking to beat, and it has impressed us.

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