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National Programme for Artificial Intelligence launches 5th edition of UAE AI Camp
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National Programme for Artificial Intelligence launches 5th edition of UAE AI Camp

Mar 27, 2023


The National Programme for Artificial Intelligence, in collaboration with National Programme for Coders, has launched the 5th edition of the UAE AI Camp. This five-day camp aims to empower the new generation with advanced technologies, tools, and skills in Artificial Intelligence.
The camp is aimed at school and university students and other groups in society. The camp addresses six cutting-edge themes: web development, robotics, digital career planning and online safety, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and virtual reality. These are addressed through interactive workshops and webinars.


Omar bin Sultan Al Olama is the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy and Director General of the Prime Minster’s Office. He stated that the UAE Government, headed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler in Dubai, is keen on fostering a new generation equipped with the latest technology and artificial Intelligence. This will enable them to actively participate in creating a sustainable digital economic system while bolstering their nation’s leadership, and


Al Olama stated that the desire of youth of all ages and from different segments of society to learn digital skills is a testament to the UAE AI Camp’s previous successes. He stressed the importance of integrating efforts from the private sector, government, and leading international companies in artificial Intelligence. This collaborative effort aims to equip the UAE AI Camp participants with digital technologies and tools, enabling them to enhance the framework for prospects and leverage AI solutions in innovative ways.


The camp will offer interactive workshops and specialized programs with several governments, private and international entities such as Cyber Security Council (ADGM), Abu Dhabi Global Market, DP World (Dubai Chambers), Road and Transport Authority, Dubai Cyber Innovation Park (DIFC), Coders HQ (one of the Coders HQ Initiatives), Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre (SEC), Technology Innovation Institute (TII), Ajman X (Fujairah Police GHQ), Microsoft, AWS (Ama.


Empowering the Future Generation with Advanced AI Skills and Technologies



The UAE AI Camp is scheduled to continue until August 2023. The camp aims to explore artificial Intelligence and digital technology and shape the future of digital life and technology through workshops. The workshops will develop participants’ programming skills and their ability to design artificial intelligence applications. In-depth workshops on generative artificial Intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning will also be covered.


The camp will also include meetings for those interested in computers to share experiences from leading companies in artificial Intelligence. Workshops will discuss artificial Intelligence, language, image generation, and how to use artificial Intelligence in everyday life. Participants will have the chance to learn 3D design using reality technology.


The camp will also organize awareness sessions on digital security and the latest technologies. Workshops will promote physical fitness, strength, and sports in virtual reality. Workshops will also discuss the challenges of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.


The camp will also introduce artificial Intelligence for quality control, visual verification, and ways to improve sustainability. The camp will also cover emerging artificial intelligence technology for teachers, how to support Dubai’s startups, and web development basics.


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