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Snapchat’s new AI chatbot and its impact on young people

Snapchat’s new AI chatbot and its impact on young people

Jul 9, 2023

Snapchat is a popular social media app that allows young people to interact with one another through the sharing of stories, direct messages and multimedia content.


Snapchat has recently introduced a new chatbot that uses Artificial Intelligence to assist users in completing various tasks. The bot is called “My AI”.


This new feature is useful, but it can also pose some risks for young people. This article explores the latest AI chatbot for Snapchat and its possible impact on youth.


You are looking for about ChatGPT. Recently, we released guidelines to help young people use ChatGPT safely and appropriately.


What is Snapchat?


Snapchat is an app for messaging that allows users share photos, videos, and texts. These are called ‘Snaps.’ Snaps are only visible for a few seconds before they disappear from the screen.


You can send a Snap directly to another person or post it to your “Story” so that your contacts can see it. If you select this option, your contacts will be able to view the Snap for 24 hours until it disappears. You can find this in your archive.


What is My AI and how does it function?


My AI is an artificial intelligence computer program that can have conversations with users and dialog like a real person. It responds as you type or speak information.


It will search databases and gather information to formulate a response. My AI becomes smarter and more personalized as you interact with it. Parents and caregivers need to be aware of how My AI could impact young Snapchat users.


The impact on young people’s mental health


Snapchat’s My AI tool could have a negative impact on the mental health of young people. It can be a great source of information and support but it can also lead to feelings like loneliness and isolation.


Because AI interactions can seem like real-life conversations, some young people may depend too much on chatbots for emotional support and entertainment.


My AI may not understand subtleties in conversation, or the slang of young people. This is because it uses its own data and knowledge. The chatbot could reinforce negative self-talk or spread harmful ideas.


Remember that chatbots like My AI cannot replace real conversation. My AI can be used by parents, professionals, and carers who work with children to promote the correct mindset.


My AI encourages young people to ask an adult for advice if anything makes them uncomfortable or worried.


Advertisement within My AI

Snapchat also tests sponsored links in My AI. This new feature allows brands to advertise directly to Snapchat users via My AI. Snap also announced new advertising products for Stories and Spotlight. This may be seen by brands as a way to reach out to their audience. However, this could also increase advertising on the platform.


Parents and caregivers should be aware of the impact My AI ads have on young people. This is especially true if they are dealing with challenging behaviors such as compulsive shopping or excessive spending. Snapchat encourages parents to use parental controls in order to protect their children from inappropriate content.


My Privacy Concerns with AI


Snapchat and OpenAI have teamed up to integrate the cutting-edge “GPT-3 language model” into their platform. Snapchat My AI, according to Snapchat, will use this technology in order to give users more accurate and helpful answers. Some people are concerned about the privacy of younger users.


Parents and caregivers are encouraged to remind their children to be careful about what information they provide in the chat. It may be helpful to provide more resources to schools and other organizations to help students navigate chatbot interaction and understand how they can protect their personal data.


How to Use My AI responsibly by Young People


Parents and caregivers can help their children use Snapchat’s My AI by following a few simple guidelines:


  1. Encourage communication It is important to talk with your child about the chatbot. Encourage your child to come to you with any questions or concerns.
  2. Establish boundaries: Set guidelines on when and for how long your child may use the chatbot. It can ensure they are not overly dependent on the chatbot for emotional support.
  3. Monitor usage : Watch your child’s chatbot use. You may notice a change in your child’s behaviour or mood. This could be an indication that they need extra support.
  4. Remind your child of the limitations chatbots have:It is important to remind them that chatbots like Snapchat’s “My AI” cannot replace actual conversations. Encourage your child to reach out to real people when they are in need of emotional support.
  5. Teach your children about online safety. Remind them to be cautious about the personal information they give the chatbot. Encourage your child to only provide information they feel comfortable sharing.

Parents can guide their children to use chatbots such as My AI responsibly and safely by following these guidelines.



Snapchat’s My AI feature offers a number of benefits. These include easy access to information, a virtual friend that learns about your preferences and an interactive tool. Parents and caregivers need to be aware that My AI can have some potential dangers. We’ll keep you informed as this area of technology advancement grows rapidly.


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