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The Rise of Robotic Heroes: Transforming the World for Good

The Rise of Robotic Heroes: Transforming the World for Good

Jul 6, 2023

According to the International Telecommunication Union, which hosts the summit, as artificial intelligence (AI), sprouts powerful new learning capabilities, countries are developing strategies for governing it. This includes a variety of robots that can do everything from handling healthcare to rock music.

The agency stated that a common blueprint for humankind is needed to prosper in a future dominated by machines. Governments and business leaders are now more aware than ever of the importance of reaching out to one another.

The UN event, which aims to connect visionaries to a range of UN organizations and investors who are focused on sustainable development, provides an unparalleled opportunity to empower these innovative innovators to address global challenges including the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development.

Doreen B. Bogdan-Martin, Secretary General of the ITU said: “We must engage in AI and work to ensure that it is used responsibly.”


Robots enhancing social good

The Global Summit will feature 51 innovative robots, nine of which have humanoid forms and can perform tasks by SDGs.

According to the UN’s telecommunication agency, robots such as Grace can improve people’s well-being and health, offer high-quality education services, reduce inequality by assisting persons with disabilities, and reduce waste. They can also help create resilient infrastructure and reduce waste.

Grace, the world’s advanced humanoid health robot, can understand more than 100 different languages and recognizes emotions.

Grace, the “world’s leading nursing assistant robot” was developed by Hanson Robotics in collaboration with SingularityNET to support and provide care for elderly people. According to ITU, Grace can also be used in the home or as a nursing assistant.


Sophia UNDP

Sophia is the United Nations Development Programme’s first Robot Innovation Ambassador ( UNDP). According to ITU, Sophia was built by Hanson Robotics and personifies the dreams of AI’s future.

The agency stated that Sophia, as a combination of art, science, and engineering, is a science fiction character portraying the future of AI and robots. It also serves as a platform to advance robotics research and AI.

She’s already famous. She has also appeared in popular TV shows such as The Tonight Show, Good Morning Britain, and The Today Show. She also spoke at hundreds of conferences around the globe and UN Headquarters in New York.



ITU says that Ameca is a platform developed by Engineered Arts to examine how machines and humans can work together, enrich each other, and live in sustainable communities of tomorrow.

Ameca is a robot with a human face and a robotic body. It integrates AI (artificial intelligence) and AB technology for superior gestures and motions.

According to the UN, assistive robots have a positive impact on human life in many ways. These robots, which use machine learning and artificial intelligence, offer assistance in the areas of mobility, self-care, and communication. They also help people with other daily essential tasks.


Need help: Artificial Intelligence for the SDGs

Robots can be used to address broader environmental and social challenges. Specialized disaster-assistance robotics revolutionize emergency response in the face of increasing climate risks.

Some people are changing the way they prepare food to improve their health, sustainability and avoid food waste.

ITU says that with the global population growing, robots may also be key allies in helping humanity to address long-term challenges.

Robots that are efficient in construction, for example, can pave the path to affordable and sustainable housing for all. The agency stated that robots that focus on urban logistics and transport could pave the way for greener and safer living conditions in megacities.

The Global Summit will also feature robots such as Nadine (one of the most realistic social robots in the world), Geminoid (an ultra-realistic robot created by Hiroshi Ishiguro of Japan), and 4NE-1 (4NE-1 is among the most advanced cognitive robots designed by Neura robotics).

Ai-Da Robot is the first robot designed to be ultra-realistic by Aidan Meller. Desdemona the robot “rockstar” of Jam Galaxy Band will also make an appearance at the Summit.

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