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Where Does Tere Bin Rank Among the Best Pakistani Dramas?

Where Does Tere Bin Rank Among the Best Pakistani Dramas?

Jul 10, 2023

It’s over. The hugely popular drama Tere Bin has bid farewell to its hardcore fans and loyal audience after dominating all platforms in the Pakistani entertainment sector. Tere Bin redefined what “popularity” means. With 58 episodes and 3+ billion YouTube views, Tere bin set new standards for the entertainment industry.


The drama’s two stars, in particular, reached new heights of fame. Tere Bin was the only topic of conversation for six months. The drama has been thrilling and exhausting, and now that it is finally coming to its conclusion there is just one question left: Is Tere Bin one of the greatest dramas our industry has produced?


What’s the Best? Here’s Our Verdict


Well, obviously, no. The word “best” is often used to qualify almost anything. The Oxford Dictionary defines “best” to mean “of the highest quality or type”. Over time, its usage has evolved, from an objective perspective towards a subjective one.


It doesn’t matter, however, because using superlatives like “best” when describing a media piece invites comparison. Where does Tere Bin rank in comparison to other Pakistani Dramas both from the PTV era as well as the modern resurgence in Pakistani Dramas in the late 2000s?


We don’t deny the popularity of the show. Popularity and quality do not have to be mutually exclusive. The first is only temporary, while the second is timeless. It is important that a show be remembered for its “best” qualities. Tere Bin will be able, no matter how popular it may be in the moment, to maintain that memory for a few years, if not months, down the road? We don’t think so.


Discussions around the show


Many of the discussions around the show have not been for the best reasons. Social media has been a constant source of criticism for the writing and subtle messages in the show. The criticism increased over time.


When the drama attempted to include a scene involving marital rape, the inconsistent writing style and toxic message reached a peak. The social media backlash was so strong that the producers re-edited the scene in order to avoid it being a marital rape. They only made the show worse by adding more crappy writing.


What worked for Tere Bin



Tere Bin’s only saving grace was the chemistry of its two lead actors Wahaj Ali, and Yumna Zaidi. Tere Bin follows a typical Indian soap opera format, prioritizing chemistry and sexual tension between the male and female lead actors over logical and consistent storytelling.


It worked for a time, but good acting and chemistry could only do so much to salvage a script which sometimes forgot the characters of the story. The “plot” of the show is a familiar one: a lusty, zaalim cousin, an empowering mazloom hero who, for all his passionate speeches, couldn’t stand up for herself, and a sensible, dashing hero who became a zero before the saazishs, played by the villainous cousin. Does this make a show the “best” one?


How does Tere Bin rank?


The product is best described as a fungus-infused cake in a fancy package. It looks nice, but few will take another bite. The producers of the show have announced that a second season will be produced. Even thinking about it gives us a headache, but we will deal with it once we receive it.


What is the best we’ve seen?


Dramas with 1080p quality are considered “best” even if they only have a 240p video. We have a list that includes the best dramas with nuanced writing and strong performances by the entire cast. These are also the ones that have stood the test of time.


Dhoop Kinaray and Tanhaiyan are PTV classics. They still have the power to captivate viewers due to their dedication in telling a strong story with strong characters.


In more recent times, we can think of Dastaan and Humsafar. We also have Qaid e Tahai, Meri Zara-e Benishan, Doraha and Daam. Zindagi Gulzar Ha, Diyar e Dil. Pyaray Afzal. Yakeen Ka Sfar. Akbari Asgari. Aunn Zara. Mera Naseeb. These are only a few examples of modern dramas with the same kind


After watching these dramas, you will remember them for all the right reasons. The number of views is irrelevant compared to the quality of content. These dramas are what make Pakistani dramas so renowned internationally. There’s more to being the best than just a white shawl.


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